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The trails follow routes that were spared development, primarily the GTA's many ravines. Toggle the trails on/off with the button below to see the ravines more clearly.

Hydro corridors are an important but under-utilized part of the trail network. Note on the map where the trails follow the hydro corridors. The Meadoway and the Finch Hydro corridor trail are good examples.

Railways are both an opportunity for trail building and a barrier. The popular Beltline trail follows an abandoned old railbed and the West Toronto Railpath runs alongside one of the busiest railways in Canada.

Golf courses were built primarily in the GTAs ravines.  In most cases they span the entire width of the ravine, creating a trail barrier.

A number of new trails are being built, the most impressive of them in the East Don. Eventually the Don trails will connect with the Meadoway, giving cyclists the chance to ride all the way from the downtown to Rouge Park in the East.

Where the trail is broken, on-road "connections" are required to link up the trail. Note on the map what is the reason for the break in the trail.  Often golf courses are the culprit, though it may also be highways or railways.

Highways are a barrier to the trails and were historically built without much regard to natural areas of the city.

"Major routes" highlights some of the longest, more or less unbroken sections of trail.

"Wishful Thinking" is trails that could be built in the future to connect trail fragments or open up new areas to pedestrians and  cylists.

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